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Changes in Sports Participation

According to the 2018 Sports and Fitness Industry Association Topline Report, several sports had some interesting changes in participation. 

Football: Flag football reported a 3.4% increase in core participation while touch football reported a 7.1% decrease. This represents a steady fall since 2013. Many believe the loss of players in touch football are related to continued concerns over the safety of the sport.

Baseball: The sport of baseball has increased in popularity in both core and casual participation. Casual participation has increased 9.5% over 2017 – the second highest of any of the team sports reported by SFIA.

Soccer: Core participation in soccer dropped 4.3% last year and has more than one million less players than in 2013.

Rugby: Rugby has increased in both core and casual participation by over 5% in each category. Leading theories indicated both rugby and lacrosse are picking up players lost by touch football.

To learn more, visit the SFIA website and read the full report.


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