An essential element of the functionality of a sports, recreation, or entertainment facility is specialty surfaces, fixtures, and athletic equipment. Procuring equipment that fulfills the operational and safety requirements of the end user and provides an optimal experience for guests is critical. While many contractors have the skills and resources to build the structure, few have the specialized experience in procuring furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) for these types of venues. Even fewer have built relationships with vendors that can provide significant cost savings for clients.

Why Work with the FF&E Team at Sports Facilities Development?

Sports, recreation, and entertainment complexes have unique requirements that make the process of procuring FF&E different from other types of construction.  In the case of sports facilities, end users, including leagues and youth tournaments, must comply with specific rules designed to facilitate safe play and consistent competition. At Sports Facilities Development (SFD), our team of architects, construction professionals, engineers, and facility operators draw on experience in over 2,000 communities to provide FF&E procurement services that meets the operational needs of your facility.

Components of FF&E

The SFD team is dedicated to making the development process easier for facility owners and construction teams by bringing keen insight and significant buying power to the FF&E process. We have helped equip groundbreaking facilities throughout the United States and can aid you in realizing ROI through our services.

The components of our FF&E services include:

Our FF&E procurement team works with construction teams to ensure they are selecting the highest quality and most appropriate equipment for their venues.  We create RFPs, make equipment recommendations, and/or work with public procurement offices for FF&E equipment based on collaboratively developed design schematics and specifications. Through our evaluation process, we analyze each product and service to ensure that it meets quality guidelines and simplify the process for facility owners. We are volume purchasers of FF&E equipment, which we leverage to receive the best pricing and service. Through our buying power, SFD can often save clients 20-40% off of retail pricing. The savings are passed on directly without mark-up. Common items in the FF&E procurement scope include site furnishings, hardware, software, technology, sport flooring, synthetic turf, sports equipment, F&B equipment, and other equipment for your operations team. We also work with our marketing team to create signage and sponsorship opportunities.

Making sure that venue projects are completed on time and on budget is crucial. Through our experience in planning sports tourism, recreation, and entertainment venues, we coordinate with contractors and vendors to build a compact timeline and to keep projects on track.

The SFM team utilizes our expertise to ensure the accurate and timely installation of FF&E components. Additionally, we produce instructional, warranty, and maintenance manuals and provide training for your team.

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