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In terms of sports, recreation, and entertainment venues, there are more options than ever in the travel sports marketplace. Competition is fierce for national and regional level tournaments. Local recreation facilities, compete for time and resources with private-sector brands like Crossfit, Orange Theory, and AnyTime Fitness as well as local sports club organizations. In order to emerge among an ocean of viable competition, facilities and communities need marketing and branding that represents them fully, engages their audiences, and influences decisions.

Sports Complex Marketing and Branding

At Sports Facilities Management (SFM), our team of digital marketers, designers, social media experts, and media relations specialists bring a wealth of experience crafting brands for the nation’s leading youth and amateur sports facilities. We work with you to understand your goals and the unique qualities of your venue. We then partner with you to build a brand that’s compelling to your audience. To amplify your brand, we utilize a variety of proven strategies and compelling tactics. We help your facility shine on a national stage through building the visual elements of your brand (including logo and website development) and the use of media relations, social media, digital marketing, and advertising.

Our Marketing and Branding Services

Your brand is often the determining factor in whether or not consumers engage with you. SFM can cultivate a brand for your sports, recreation or entertainment venue that’s in tune with your audience’s needs and establishes your facilities and programming as the clear choice. Our team provides the following services:

When promoting a venue, you need a team that can determine what your audience wants most and use a variety of tools to craft engaging messaging that meets their needs. We create comprehensive marketing campaigns for each our facilities. These plans are suited to the strengths of each venue and the needs of their potential customers. We use a market-specific mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics in order to drive our clients’ desired financial outcomes. We then continually monitor, refine, and report on each campaign to make ensure that your facility is continually meeting and exceeding predetermined goals.

To amplify your brand, you need to build relationships. We work with our venues to establish targeted messaging that attracts local, regional, national media to your story. We also help you build critical relationships with media members whose influence drives people to your brand. As part of your marketing service kit, our staff writers develop and distribute stories to your local media and across the national newswire.

Your brand identity provides a crucial first impression to potential customers. Our design team will partner with you to create a brand identity that’s clear, compelling, and consistent. Physical components of your brand include your logo, website, advertising, marketing collateral, and social media. Our brand standards include not only logo and color definitions, but messaging, photography, and design guidelines as well.

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Iron Coyote

Sports Facilities Management was engaged by the founding partners of the Bloomington, IL based adventure course and ninja gym for brand development, naming, graphic design, and marketing strategic planning. Iron Coyote opened in 2019.

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Adrenaline Monkey

Sports Facilities Management was engaged by Adrenaline Monkey owners for planning and pre-opening management services. SFM’s in-house marketing department created the brand, marketing strategy, messaging, and graphic design for the facility which opened in 2018.

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Caitlyn is from South New Jersey and came to the Tampa Bay Area in 2013. Her background is a versatile combination of hospitality, education, medical, and retail experience. She began her path in HR almost 4 years ago with a focus on recruitment in various industries. Caitlyn is a people person who loves connecting and helping others.

She enjoys the long summers of Florida in the outdoors gardening at home and hanging out at the beach.

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Elizabethtown Sports Park

Sports Facilities Management assessed all aspects of Elizabethtown’s (KY) existing sports and recreation assets, particularly the E-Town Sports Park and made recommendations of best practices for driving economic impact through events, tournaments, and recreation programming.

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