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SFM Network & affiliated facilities receive an estimated 20 million visitors each year.

Is your brand ready to be amplified and activated? We are the largest single network of sports tourism facilities in the United States and we’re searching for the right brands to pilot our national partnership program. Consumers are increasingly focused on businesses and brands that care about their customers, are authentic, and create communities.


This isn’t your average ‘sign on the wall’ opportunity. Our facilities have thousands of sports families visiting each weekend and our mission is to make their guest experience unforgettable. Through an on-site, digital, and other multi-media activation, our team can put your brand in front of our well qualified audience and make that vision a reality.

In addition to traditional marketing value, SFM Network represents a social opportunity, a chance to create and deliver meaningful marketing through content, events, programs, and initiatives.

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Caitlyn is from South New Jersey and came to the Tampa Bay Area in 2013. Her background is a versatile combination of hospitality, education, medical, and retail experience. She began her path in HR almost 4 years ago with a focus on recruitment in various industries. Caitlyn is a people person who loves connecting and helping others.

She enjoys the long summers of Florida in the outdoors gardening at home and hanging out at the beach.

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Elizabethtown Sports Park

Sports Facilities Management assessed all aspects of Elizabethtown’s (KY) existing sports and recreation assets, particularly the E-Town Sports Park and made recommendations of best practices for driving economic impact through events, tournaments, and recreation programming.

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